Louzek Castle

The first archaeological findings from the castle date back to around 1350. The castle was built on a promontory above the Malše River to protect the old provincial road leading from Budějovice to Austria about 4 km south of Kaplice. It is still unknown who was its founder, but most probably the lords of Pořešín. Petr Harrachéř, at that time the purgrave of Vítkov Hrádek, is mentioned as the first owner in 1421. The literal translation of the castle's name into Czech is všivý kout. The local rugged terrain with many hills and valleys on the land route was often used for raids and robberies. At the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, the castle surroundings became a place of rampage for a group of robbers and opovědníci, among whom were Matěj Vůdce and Jan Žižka of Trocnov. The latter, among others, killed an unknown member of the Rosenberg retinue here. The castle disappeared in 1448.
From history to the present on a timeline

Beginning of the 14th century

The first ceramic finds from the castle have been dated


Undocumented residence of Hrocha of Maršovice


In the immediate vicinity of the castle and in the nearby forest called Kramář, a band of opossums led by Matěj Vůdec is on the rampage; Jan Žižka killed a Rosenberg servant during one of the raids.


The first written mention of the castle, Oldřich II of Rožmberk recommends his servant Peter Harachera to the lords of Walsee by sitting at Louzka, at that time the purgrave at Vítkov Hrádek.

After 1434

The castle in the hands of Jan of Malovice.


Jan, Diviš and Bohuslav of Malovice, his sons, handed Louzek over to Oldřich II of Rožmberk, since then uninhabited.


Jan of Rožmberk sells to Bárta and his son Kříž the manor that belonged to the castle.


Louzek is mentioned as 'Laužek, the castle of pustey and by it Laužek dvuor, otherwise Skurovice'.


In the immediate vicinity of the castle there is a farm containing 'forests, jitras and precious heirlooms in Nažidle, Zdíkov and in the village of Skoronice' sold by Petr Sudek from Dluhé to Petr Žibřid from Mostek.


The castle is remembered as a 'ruined fortress'.

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