Sokolčí Castle

Sokolčí Castle was built around 1358 by Jindřich of Benešov, otherwise from Velešín. It is located about 4 km east of the town of Kaplice in the Český Krumlov district. It is undoubtedly situated in the most beautiful natural conditions of all castles on the Malá Skála. It is situated on a high rock face like a real falcon's nest, surrounded by a river with many boulders and rapids. The castle is still partially preserved with a large and gate tower with an entrance, a moat carved in the rock and the ground floor of the palace. The visitor here will appreciate especially the full symbiosis of nature and architecture. The castle is accessible by the marked Earth Path, and there is an information panel in front of the castle with a picture of the castle and its history. There are several climbing routes from the foot of the castle, but beware of its accessibility in wet and freezing weather!
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Přemysl Otakar II confirms the possession of Sokolčí Castle to Vok of Rožmberk, High Marshal of the Bohemian Kingdom, Provincial Judge in Rkousek and Provincial Governor in Styria; it is a proven forgery from the workshop of Odrich II of Rožmberk from the 15th century


John of Luxembourg gives Peter of Rožmberk the castles of Sokolčí and Příběnice, a proven forgery from the same workshop, whose 'authenticity' was confirmed in 1460 by the Abbot of Vyšebrod and other lords.

Around 1358

The castle was probably founded by Jindřich of Benešov, otherwise from Velešín.


One is reminded of the 'ruined castle called Sokolčie'.

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