Few words about us

Hrady na Malši was founded on the initiative of Radek Kocanda in 2002 as the Society for Pořešín Castle. Thanks to Josef Kaloš, five municipalities and 10 enthusiasts of various professions became its members in 2004. In 2002, the castles on the river Malše were forgotten and abandoned overgrown ruins covered with earth, which were only occasionally wandered upon by locals and tramps of all kinds.

Each person on earth is allotted only a certain number of days and years. This fact is especially evident in the midst of castle ruins, where one is surrounded by buildings built by people who were here hundreds of years before us. Like them, we too will one day become part of the history of our region and country.

The sight of castles awakening from oblivion brings us great satisfaction. The greatest pleasure for us, however, is the many extraordinary and interesting people of all professions, ages and positions who are helping us to carry out our project, and whom we would not have had the chance to meet if we had not started to develop our idea. For this help we owe them our great thanks.

Significant people

Tomáš Durdík (1951 - 2012), archaeologist and castellologist, member of many important international organizations, honorary chairman of Hrady na Malši in 2005 - 2012

Petr Růžička (1954 - 2023), master carpenter who educated several generations of pupils, author and builder of the half-timbered floor of the fortress in Tichá (2021) and many other buildings

Johann Matthäeus Klimesch (1850 - 1940), historian, wrote a history of Pořešín Castle and the Kaplicko region

Subsidy ATCZ91



Natur- und Kulturerlebnis am Burgen- und Schlösserweg / Přírodní a kulturní zážitky na Zemské cestě

Project duration:

01.11.2017 – 31.10.2021

Allocated funds EFRR:

1 996 839,89 €

Region of the Lead Partner:

Upper Austria

Grant size:

500000+ €



Contact person of the lead partner:

Dr. Andreas Hunger

Lead Partner:

Verband Mühlviertler Alm

Project partner:

Burgverein Prandegg

Project partner:

Gemeinde Windhaag bei Perg

Project partner:

Tourismusverband Bad Kreuzen

Project partner:

Hrady na Malši, z.s.

The project builds on the existing thematic tourist route 'The Way of Castles and Chateaux', which leads through the historical cultural and natural landscape of South Bohemia and the Mühlviertel, from the Malše to the Danube. The project partners want to extend the cross-border cooperation spatially and make the thematic route even more attractive for tourists. In the framework of the cooperation, knowledge about old crafts will be documented, a common history will be drawn up along the route, restoration and repair work will be carried out and marketing measures will be professionalised. These measures are intended to increase the region's tourism potential, to increase the motivation of the region's population to discover the neighbouring country and, in addition, to assist in the permanent preservation of historic buildings.

Outcomes of the project

  • Ruins of Prandegg Castle: restoration of horse stalls; reconstruction of part of the wing with barns, the castle chapel; uncovering of the historic chapel vault
  • Preservation of cultural heritage in the area of the Tichá Fort
  • Restoration of the forecastle at Pořešín
  • Kreuzen Castle: restoration of the collapsed round tower
  • Audio guide and web connector
  • Workshops on old crafts
  • Extension of route markings
Subsidies of the South Bohemian Region

The Zemská cesta navigation system was supported by the South Bohemian Region's subsidy programme - Support for Tourism!

In 2021, Hrady na Malši z.s. asked the South Bohemian Region to support the 3rd stage of the Land Route of Castles and Chateaux from the River Malše to the Danube. Thanks to this support, the entire course of the Czech part of the route from the border crossing at Cetviny/Hammern to Velešín could be marked. In the following years, it is planned to mark the route all the way to České Budějovice. This will complete the mapping and marking of one of the important medieval trade routes from Upper Austria to the Czech Kingdom.

This project has a significant overlap into the common Czech-Austrian relations and common cultural life. Historical expeditions from castle to castle, joint conferences, sightseeing trips and meetings with Czech and Austrian heritage authorities and institutions are planned. The South Bohemian Region is one of the most important partners of the Castles on the Malše and the association greatly appreciates its support!

Modifications in the museum and exposition of the fortress in Tichá

As part of the gradual equipping of the museum exhibition at the fortress in Tichá, we were able to take another step with the support of the South Bohemian Region - the preparation of the kitchen and the interior of the room for the new visitor season. The South Bohemian Region helped us to finance the production of the spit, kitchen fish holders and fittings for furniture made according to medieval patterns. Thank you!

Strengthening the attractiveness of the Buschweg in the Pomalší region

As part of the promotion of our castles and fortresses, with the support of the South Bohemian Region, we produced a promotional leaflet and launched a brand new website of our association! We will distribute the leaflet mainly to the information centres of the South Bohemian Region, guesthouses and hotels, and on the new clearer website www.hradynamalsi.cz with English and German versions you will be able to find many interesting facts and details about the events at the castles on the river Malše in the future!

Construction of road signs to the fortress in Doudleby and to the fortress in Tichá

All those who regularly travel on the quite busy E55 road in the section Velešín - Dolní Dvořiště often encounter road signs to our castles on the river Malše. Whether it is Pořešín, Velešín, Louzek, Sokolčí or the fortress in Tichá. From this year onwards, we will add signs to the Doudleby castle and a large-scale sign to the fortress in Tichá. We are often asked by visitors who have never been here before which way to go. Thanks to the support from the South Bohemia Region, it will be easier for them. We hope that the new signs will make it easier for everyone who wants to spend their free time travelling and exploring new, undiscovered places.

Crafts in the Pořešín forecastle

On Saturday, 5 August 2023, the second annual event entitled "Crafts at Pořešínské podhradí on the Earth Road" took place at Pořešínské podhradí. Despite the rainy weather, the event recorded a large attendance of around 400 people, which gives a real basis for building a successful tradition of this attractive event. The event was supported by funds from the South Bohemia Region, which were used to pay for consumables and performers fees. Photo gallery

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